Character Profile #1: Isaak Fisher.

10 11 2009

Nabbed from:

Story Title: Rush/Radio Hysteria

Character Name: Isaak Fisher

Theme song (each character from Rush/Radio Hysteria will have one, as the story is based around music): My Beautiful Life ~ Ferras.

  • Main character
  • Protagonist/supporter


Gender: Male
Weight: 12st
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark blue.
Distinguishing Marks: Piercings, 4 visible facial ones. Visible sleeve tattoo, in bright red and blues.
Distinguishing Mannerisms: Hums near constantly.
Describe the character’s appearance in a brief paragraph:
Isaak has short black hair, with dark blue eyes. He’s thin, but toned from running. He generally wears jeans and tees, with a random hoodie that will be slightly too big on him over the top. He has freckles, which he hates and 12 piercings, the majority of which are hidden. He has three tattoos, one that covers all of his left arm, another that wraps around his right thigh, and one on his hips.
What would you find in his pockets?: Cigarettes, lighter and a condom.

Personal Reference:
Briefly describe the character’s personality. How does (s)he react to stress, friendships, lovers, job, etc.?
Isaak is incredibly friendly, and very comfortable around most people. He loves his job as a desk monkey in a tattoo parlor, and is generally very calm. He can be incredibly stubborn. It takes a lot to rile him up and anger him, and the easiest way to do that is to hurt his twin brother in anyway. When angered, he gets very loud and aggressive and often refuses to forgive people and will use it again and again against them.. When stressed, chain smokes. He treats his lovers like very good friends, with very little change. He loves touching people, and will always be hugging or touching someone in anyway. He can be very lazy when he wants to be, and can often be found in front of the tv.
Briefly describe the character’s history. What’s happened in (s)he’s life?
Isaak had a very simple, easy childhood. His family were middle class, and he was generally quite popular in school. He was definitely the class clown. His family are all very close, and he and his brother would always go to his grandmas house after school for dinner until their parents were home. Even after they were old enough to stay home by themselves, they would still go to round to their grandmas.
Anything the character can’t shake off? Any important personal promises? Anything (s)he is obsessed with?
Obsessed with running, has been since he was about 15. Has to go for a run every day or will be in a bad mood. Often tells himself and his brother that he’s going to quit smoking and never does.
Very, very close to his brother. Has no qualms about hugging him in public or holding him. Doesn’t care what people think about it. Shares clothes with his brother.




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