Character Profile #3: Castor Cruz-Harris

11 11 2009

Story Title: Rush/Radio Hysteria

Character Name: Castor Cruz-Harris

Theme song (each character from Rush/Radio Hysteria will have one, as the story is based around music): John Legend ~ P.D.A. (We Just Don’t Care)

  • Main character
  • Protagonist/supporter

Gender: Male
Weight: 10st
Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown
Distinguishing Marks: Two small scars under his lip from old piercings.
Distinguishing Mannerisms: Clicks his tongue piercing against his teeth, running a hand through his hair.
Describe the character’s appearance in a brief paragraph:
Castor has light brown skin, more golden than anything . He has two piercings, one in his tongue and one in his nostril. His hair was shoulder length, and with a fringe to the side. He can usually be found wearing jeans with holes at the knee and bleach stains, a vest and a random scarf wrapped around his neck. He often wears sunglasses, and has no qualms about wearing them indoors.
What would you find in his pockets?: Key chain, and a few guitar picks.
Personal Reference:

Briefly describe the character’s personality. How does (s)he react to stress, friendships, lovers, job, etc.?

Castor is outgoing, and very smart. He works with his uncle and two brothers at his uncles mechanic shop, and while he doesn’t like it so much, it pays decently and he gets to be around his family. He just sticks his head down and gets to work. He’s very family oriented, and because of how loud and talkative his family are, he’s very quiet and a good listener. When stressed, he gets very sarcastic and snappy. When angry, he often yells in Spanish. He’s very kind and loving to his girlfriends, who he’s usually in relationships with for a long time.
Briefly describe the character’s history. What’s happened in (s)he’s life?

Castor is the third out of six siblings, all of whom are named for Greek mythology, as his parents are both professors of Greek mythology. Unlike many people, he didn’t mind having so many siblings. He’s family are very close, and he spent a lot of time switching between staying at his house or staying with his aunt and uncle who lived two doors down growing up. The family would often all tramp round to one house or the other for dinner and games. He was generally unnoticed in school and college, and when he left college he was immediately offered a job along side his two older brothers in his uncles mechanic shop.

Anything the character can’t shake off? Any important personal promises? Anything (s)he is obsessed with?

Drinks too much.


Icarus (25)

Leandros (23)

Demeter (17)

Hestia (15)

Pandora (11)




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