Character Profile #2: Dominik Fisher.

11 11 2009

Nabbed from:

Story Title: Rush/Radio Hysteria

Character Name: Isaak Fisher

Theme song (each character from Rush/Radio Hysteria will have one, as the story is based around music): Run ~ Snow Patrol

  • Main character
  • Protagonist/supporter

Gender: Male
Weight: 12st
Hair: Black

Eyes: Dark blue.
Distinguishing Marks: Freckles, small scar on his chin.
Distinguishing Mannerisms: Very jittery, always moving something.
Describe the character’s appearance in a brief paragraph:
Dominik is almost identical to Isaak. If it wasn’t for Isaak’s piercings and tattoos, they would be. Like Isaak, he has short black hair, with dark blue eyes. He’s thin, in a geeky-bookish type of way. He generally wears jeans and tees, like Isaak, or jeans and a shirt. He doesn’t mind his freckles, nor does he have any piercings or tattoos. He wears simple, thick framed glasses at times, or contact lenses.
What would you find in his pockets?: Chewing gum and a spare lighter for Isaak.
Personal Reference:
Briefly describe the character’s personality. How does (s)he react to stress, friendships, lovers, job, etc.?
IDominik is definitely the shy half of the duo. He’s very nervous around new people, and is always very quiet. He works in a library and loves it. He gives in very easily, unlike Isaak. It takes a lot to anger him, and like Isaak, the easiest way to do that is to hurt his brother. When angered, he’s still very quiet but radiates anger and can be very sarcastic. Doesn’t forgive easily. When he’s stressed, he moves around constantly, and snaps his fingers a lot. He’s never really had a “lover” as such, just quick girlfriends and the odd boyfriend because he doesn’t like being touched, even if it’s just a simple hand on shoulder gesture. The only one who really can touch him is Isaak, who does it most of the time. Can be very OCD and hates mess and disorder.
Briefly describe the character’s history. What’s happened in (s)he’s life?
Dominik had a very simple, easy childhood. His family were middle class, but he wasn’t popular in school. He was generally unnoticed, and despite having his head in books a lot, was never really bullied because of Isaak. His family are all very close, and he and his brother would always go to his grandmas house after school for dinner until their parents were home. Even after they were old enough to stay home by themselves, they would still go to round to their grandmas.
Anything the character can’t shake off? Any important personal promises? Anything (s)he is obsessed with?
Obsessed with cleaning. Every sunday will clean the small flat from top to bottom until it’s sparkling.
Very, very close to his brother. Doesn’t mind what his brother does to him as he’s always felt they are a whole that was split. Would go through anything to be with his brother.




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