Character Profile #4: Valerie Mitchell

12 11 2009

Character Name: Valerie Mitchell

Theme song (each character from Rush/Radio Hysteria will have one, as the story is based around music): Augustine ~ Patrick Wolf

  • Main character
  • Protagonist/supporter

Gender: Female
Weight: 8st
Hair: Platinum blonde.

Eyes: Green
Distinguishing Marks: Septum piercing, stretched lobes, cheek piercings, scar between eyebrows, mole under left eye. Many visible tattoos.
Distinguishing Mannerisms: Scratches neck a lot, twirls hair round fingers.
Describe the character’s appearance in a brief paragraph:
Valerie has medium length blonde hair, which she usually keeps up in a retro/rockabilly style, or in a messy bun. She has three piercings, two in her each cheek and one in her septum. Her ear lobes are stretched, but not hugely and she usually has cute tunnels in. She has tattoos up both arms, over her hands and knuckles, over her chest and one on each foot. They are all brightly coloured in old school style. She usually wears shorts or a skirt, a band tee and a blazer with long, thigh high socks and incredibly high heels. She has a penchant for hats of all kinds. She loves wearing accessories, and wears bright makeup.
What would you find in her pockets?: A compact mirror and her phone. Her handbag is a scary, never ending pit.
Personal Reference:

Briefly describe the character’s personality. How does (s)he react to stress, friendships, lovers, job, etc.?

Valerie’s outer, more confident and colourful appearance is at odds with her personality. She’s very anxious and quiet, and has little confidence in herself. She works in a small, independently owned cafe where the owner doesn’t mind how she looks, just so long as her clothes meet dress code. She doesn’t mind it, though she’s a bit wary about having to talk to strangers every day. When angry or stressed, she will retreat into herself and try and get as far away from people as possible. If not possible, she merely listens to her ipod and closes her eyes to block out everywhere. She talks very little. With lovers, she is very romantic, and expects them to be the same. She loves baths, especially ones with bubbles.
Briefly describe the character’s history. What’s happened in (s)he’s life?

Valerie was raised by a single mother, and unlike her bandmates, was not very close to the rest of her family. She loves her mother, who tried her best to raise her, though she was only 16 when she had Valerie. Valerie’s mother gave her her taste in music, and would often play dress up with her daughter. When Valerie was 13, her mother was diagnosed with lung cancer, but fortunately survived and is now incredibly healthy.

When Valerie was 16, she met her father for the first time. They get along, but are not close.

Anything the character can’t shake off? Any important personal promises? Anything (s)he is obsessed with?

Smokes, despite her mothers disapproval. Because of this, she tries to never smoke around her mother or let her mother see her smoking, or proof she smokes.





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