Exercise #1 – Isaak.

12 11 2009

Nabbed from: http://menwithpens.ca/how-to-create-a-character

Write out a full conversation between yourself and this character. Pretend you’re stuck in an elevator together and have nothing else to talk about but one another.

See what kind of humor develops, how quickly this person trusts you with new information, the way her mind works in a time of minor stress, what she’s worried about, who she’s concerned about knowing.

Don’t assume that all people react the same way, and don’t assume your character spills everything about herself at the drop of a hat. The point isn’t to get the entire character history on paper; the point is to see what other people see when they meet this person on the page.

The lift came to a juddering halt. So, naturally, Emily panicked.

“Oh god, I’m going to die,” She sobbed, sliding down the floor. She already hated lifts, and this just reaffirmed the loathing for them. “I’m too young to die.” Above her, a man leaned over her and pressed the alarm button.

“We’re fine,” He stated simply. “They’ll get us out as soon as possible.” Then, when Emily looked up, he held out a hand to pull her up. When she was back on her feet, he sidled back to the corner, a small smile on his face as he hummed a catchy little tune.

“I’m Isaak,” He said, looking over at Emily. “Might as well introduce myself if we’re going to have to stay here for a while.”

“Emily,” She mumbled at Isaak, who just carried on grinning to himself.

“I take it you don’t like lifts.”

“Loathe is more like it,” Emily snorted. “Death boxes.”

“I love lifts. Lots of good memories in lifts,” Isaak beamed, wiggling his eyebrows. “If you catch my meaning.” Emily laughed lightly, nearly losing her balance when the lift started moving again. “See! I said we’d be fine!” Isaak said, still grinning. When they hit the floor he was getting off on, he waved over his shoulder as he stepped out. “Nice meeting you, Emily.”

“Bye,” Emily smiled, waving back at him. The doors slid shut, and the lift started its juddering ascent.




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