On Naming Your Story.

12 11 2009

Rush. Radio Hysteria. Alcohol Rock and Roll. I find potential titles in everything. Rush, Radio Hysteria and Alcohol Rock And Roll (a set of short stories I’ve written) are all inspired by music. However, I usually get a flood of potential titles and then I’m stuck between choosing which to use, and which to store away for the future.

This is my problem with Rush and Radio Hysteria. People seem to prefer Radio Hysteria. I’m growing to prefer Rush, as it’s short and snappy. However, I really like Radio Hysteria and want to use it somewhere. Do I use it as a tagline? ‘Rush: This is Radio Hysteria’, do I use it as the band title? Hollywood After Midnight doesn’t quite set the same tone.

I tried pro’s and cons. Rush is short, snappy, sweet. It sort of alludes to plenty of things that could play a part in a bands life. Adrenaline rush, drug rush, the fast pace of their lives. However, it’s more of a band name to me. And there’s already a band called Rush, so there goes that one. Radio Hysteria is not as short, snappy, sweet. It’s a bit…dragging in my mind. It could be their band name, but I don’t know if it suits them so well.

The titlescorer (here) says Rush is the better choice…but what do I do with Radio Hysteria?

So. Blah. Naming your story is hard. How do you do it?




One response

12 11 2009
Cassandra Jade

I hate naming my stories. I am terrible at – not just my own opinion. Usually I now wait until with a group of friends and then spout whatever working titles I’ve come up with, wait for the laughter to die down, and then ask what they would name it. After a bit of a chat about the story and characters they usually get into a heated debate discussing pros and cons of titles and by the time the discussion is over it has usually been decided.
Incidentally, I think Radio Hysteria would be a great name for a book, though I probably wouldn’t trust my opinion on that one.

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