Character Exercise #2: Isaak and Dominik

13 11 2009

Write a scene that shows a relationship between two characters.

Dominik shivered, hunching over as if it would protect him from the cold wind. It was a wonder it wasn’t snowing, he thought. The sky was at that dull, boring yet somehow soft grey that it was before it snowed, and his hands were getting numb. Perhaps sensing Dominik’s distress, Isaak looked up from his perch on the uncomfortable plastic bench with a frown.

“Are you cold?” He asked, his hands buried deep in the pockets of his hoodie. Dominik nodded, shuddering again and Isaak huffed, standing up. Dominik was facing the road, with his back to the inside of the bus shelter and his brother, but he turned around when he heard Isaak unzip his hoodie.

“What are you doing?” He asked, pulling his sleeves down over his hands. Isaak just held his hoodie open around him, an eyebrow raised.

“Come on, get in, I’m warm and I’m not stripping for you.”

“But it’ll stretch out!” Dominik protested, even though he was already stepping towards Isaak and slipping against his chest.

“It’s about eight hundred sizes too big,” Isaak scoffed as he zipped it up around them. “It’ll be fine.” As they stood together, enveloped by Isaak’s hoodie and warmed by Isaak’s body heat, Dominik had to wonder when his twin had swallowed a radiator, he was just that warm.

“Hey, look,” Isaak mumbled, and Dominik tried to turn around, to no avail. With a roll of his eyes, Isaak shuffled them around, so Dominik could see more than just the map of the bus routes.

“It’s snowing,” Dominik gaped. “Fucking snowing.” Isaak snorted and laughed.

“Yep. Bet you’re glad I’m wearing this hoodie now, ‘ey?” They stood, watching the snow for a few moments before Dominik spoke up.

“…How the fuck are we going to get on the bus like this?”




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