Character Profile #5: Isaak Fisher

13 11 2009

Isaak 1.What is your character’s full name? Isaak Fisher

2.  Nickname?  Do they like their nickname? None.

3.  How old are they? 20

4.  Date of birth? 3rd September.

5.  Place of birth? London, England.

6.  Male or female? Male

7.  Ethnic background? Caucasian – German.

8. Lives with? Dominik Fisher.

9.  Brothers or sisters?  How many?  Their ages?  Does this character have a favorite?  Does he or she dislike someone in the family? One brother, Dominik, who’s also 20. Doesn’t dislike anyone in his family.

10.  Any pets? A fish named Eric.

11.  Does this character like animals? Yep.

12.  What is their favorite animal?  Why? Dogs, because they’re so friendly. Cats are cool too.

13.  Any hobbies? Music, singing, running, playing bass, going to the pub.

14.  Does this character have a job?  What is it? Yes, he works the desk at a tattoo shop.

15.  Would like to be a_____? Rockstar.

16.  What is their religion?  Who they follow it?  Do they go to church?  Are there any religious conflicts in the family? Atheist, from agnostic and Easter & Christmas Christian family.

17.  Education level?   Likes or liked school? Finished College, didn’t go further. Didn’t mind it, found it a chance to socialize.

18.  Any bad habits? Many bad habits, smoking being the major one.

19.  What is this character afraid of?  Dentists, drowning and planes.

20.  Why is your character afraid of what you just listed?  What does that fear stop them from doing? There’s no particular reason behind being scared of dentists and drowning, and they just stop him from a) going swimming and b) going to the dentists. He’s scared of planes because of all the horror stories of their crashes. It stops him traveling pointlessly.

21.  Do they have a boyfriend or girlfriend?  Is this person their first? Not currently, no, but has in the past.

22.  What food do they like to eat?  What foods do they hate?  Do they eat anything weird?  What is their favorite meal? Pizza and spaghetti. Hates pork and mushrooms. Enjoys eating mash potato with salad cream and Branston pickle.

23.  What do they like to drink?  Coffee or Fanta. Vodka if he’s out.

24.  Who is their best friend? His best friend is his brother, Dom.

25.  Is this character shy?  Outgoing?  Studious?  Athletic?   Talkative?  Boy crazy?  Girl crazy?  Jokester?  Clumsy?  Bragger?  Cheapskate?  Stingy?  Greedy?  Jealous?  Innocent?  Gullible? Very outgoing and friendly, can be a bit selfish.




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