On Naming Your Story.

12 11 2009

Rush. Radio Hysteria. Alcohol Rock and Roll. I find potential titles in everything. Rush, Radio Hysteria and Alcohol Rock And Roll (a set of short stories I’ve written) are all inspired by music. However, I usually get a flood of potential titles and then I’m stuck between choosing which to use, and which to store away for the future.

This is my problem with Rush and Radio Hysteria. People seem to prefer Radio Hysteria. I’m growing to prefer Rush, as it’s short and snappy. However, I really like Radio Hysteria and want to use it somewhere. Do I use it as a tagline? ‘Rush: This is Radio Hysteria’, do I use it as the band title? Hollywood After Midnight doesn’t quite set the same tone.

I tried pro’s and cons. Rush is short, snappy, sweet. It sort of alludes to plenty of things that could play a part in a bands life. Adrenaline rush, drug rush, the fast pace of their lives. However, it’s more of a band name to me. And there’s already a band called Rush, so there goes that one. Radio Hysteria is not as short, snappy, sweet. It’s a bit…dragging in my mind. It could be their band name, but I don’t know if it suits them so well.

The titlescorer (here) says Rush is the better choice…but what do I do with Radio Hysteria?

So. Blah. Naming your story is hard. How do you do it?


Character Naming…

10 11 2009

is a pain in the arse.

So, I had my main character, Alex. I wasn’t too happy with that name, because it’s my best friends name. But honest to god, it suits him well. So I left him with that name. Fine, he can have his way.

Then he decided he was a twin. Okay, fine, I love twins. Now I have someone else to name who’s not cooperating, and I want to rename Alex. Fair enough, I’ve got weeks to plan this.

Except I really, really cannot name these two. The suggestions I’ve had from people are generally name them for their personalities, but that feels weird to me! Their mum wouldn’t have had time to pop them out, rush off to the future to find out one is very rockstar-y, dramatic, outgoing and the other is quiet and reserved, would she?

Usually I name my characters with common names from the year they were born (1988 for these two). However, that doesn’t suit them because they’re not common guys.They’re not going to be like Trace Cyrus and already have a cool name to go with their cool image.

But their parents wouldn’t have known that, right? Sure, they could change them but I don’t see them doing that either.


So that’s my dilemma. Maybe I’ll give their parents a book fetish and give them weird names from books…but how do you name your characters?